“Two Ships” is the latest single from Nashville-based country-singer turned pop-rocker, Ainsley Costello. When I first heard of Ainsley’s musical journey, I could sort of see the similarities between her story and that of Taylor Swift, and I was skeptical about whether this lady had something new to offer with her latest track or not. 

The song begins with clean and warm-sounding guitars that made me feel blue right away, and then, to my surprise, Ainsley’s airy and full-of-attitude vocals began soaring through the first verse and a drowned electronic beat. Every chorus picked up more momentum and had more clean-sounding drums and distorted guitars until the ending and outro section that showcases Ainsley’s powerful belting abilities, followed by one more surprise. I won’t give it away to spoil the climactic experience, but let me just say that other pop songs that don’t have this kind of guitar work will fail in comparison when you compare them to this well-written track. 

In the pursuit of describing emotions she hasn’t gone through before, Ainsley managed to draw me into the dark, desperate emotions of a love-gone-wrong story. My expectations were met and surpassed, and for an artist that just recently turned eighteen, I don’t think you would be expecting such musical and lyrical maturity. This young lady managed to make me live that teenage heartbreak thoroughly with this track, and I can’t wait to experience the rest of her career and musical growth.

Edited by: Viola Karmy