Liz Dranow Photography

When proficient musicians with witty musicality gather, they don’t execute anything less than a masterpiece. With their authentically blended sound, Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions have been resurrected from the 90s to the present day to give us the best of both worlds: nostalgia and modish.

“Twisted Minds” is the sophomore single that introduces the upcoming EP “Destiny Road,” which was originally scheduled for release in the summer of 1997. Instead, they’re invading the Twenties with a timeless sound that combines classic flair with modern streaks, resulting in a solid rock ‘n’ roll sensitivity.

The single kicks off with a bang, as the electric guitar and drums make an intriguing, fussy intro to set the table for something spicy. The lyrics offer a picture of the sensation of having had enough of a destructive relationship, and the instrumentation and vocals color it vividly with an energizing type of resentment.

Having both male and female vocals is a brilliant move to illustrate the two sides of one rickety relationship, which brings the lyrics to life. The melodic and baritone male vocal line mashes with the sweet and sharp female vocals, making lines like in the chorus, “I don’t want to be fool anymore. I’m through playing the victim,” sounding like a breakup hassle.

The musical composition leaves no option but to be mesmerized. They show off their coherent musicianship, and we get to enjoy top-notch music! There are rock elements, blues elements, and metal elements that harmonize and present an addictive melody. The solos are earworms that entice the listener to repeat the track over and over to groove along.

If you are searching for the finest heavy guitar work, the most dynamic performance, or a relatable theme, you’ll find them all in Gary Dranow’s “Twisted Minds,” and I bet there are more gems waiting in the forthcoming EP.