As a start, Adi Sun is one of the most interesting artists that I found in 2021. The originality of her shoegaze indie-alt output is pretty impressive. “‘Twin Flame’ is the equivocal story of someone so infected by a romantic connection, they lose themselves in emotional co-dependence,” – Adi says. The track will put you in a certain state of mind and the music will easily catch your ears and put you in a special mood, that I believe you won’t find on any other recent releases. ‘Twin Flame’ is very harmonious, consistent, and rhythmic. Frankly, one of the main factors that caught my ears to this track is her voice, which has an impressive tone that I have heard for years. The song production is really nice, but my favourite element would go for the songwriting and arrangement. The instruments were chosen carefully and added perfectly! Don’t miss Adi Sun‘s music through her socials below! 

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Mena Ezzat