Jim Leatherman

It’s one of those hardcore punk original sounds that hit you and makes you want to lose it. Chaotic punky riffs that circulate and align together to form these banger rhythm guitar tunes. 

From Orlando, Us Grave Return -presented by DCxPC Live- The Hardcore Punk band consisting of Matt Vocals/Guitar, Sam Guitar/Vocals, Jon Bass, TJ Drums; release the second single of their 7th split with The Hamiltons titled ‘TV Prophets (live)’ and as a live version beginning with some groovy guitar power chords engulfing the intro and breaking into the atmospheres and flaming up the stage, differs from the studio version released back in 2017 in ‘We Have To Know’ album as the live version sounds more hardcore and more pacey than the previous version.

TV Prophets’ is a somewhat lighter close to Megadeth’s ‘In My Darkest Hour’ in structure and also Matt’s vocals sound close to Mustain’s that gives an overall impression of being related in sound to what is being played.

The track has a typical moderate quality of a live version having the vocals not being that clear in order to make lyrics clearer while Jon’s basslines and TJ’s drums made me want to be there at the concert and break every muscle my neck has, and maybe moshing to the rhythms too.

The title of the track pretty much tells the story behind the lyrics and what the track has to say in that matter.

With more to come from Grave Return, I’d always be excited for more of the upcoming releases.