Richard Hedge (RMH Photography 2022)

Higher Sights are a rock trio from Buckinghamshire, UK with lots of things to say and the proper tools to deliver it. Their debut single “Turn the Screw” will be out on the 22nd of April, 2022 and it’ll take your mind into a melodic trip that’ll turn you into a fan immediately. Higher Sights describe “Turn the Screw” as a “message for people to resist social media brainwashing – at such a relevant moment where we all need to stick together and stay calm, seek out real, reliable sources of facts!” I believe we all need this message nowadays so, let’s get into it!

The best psychedelic tunes -in my humble opinion- are the ones that slowly takes you by the hand and introduces you to the artist’s very own sonic world and that’s exactly what “Turn the Screw” does. It has a pure psychedelic-space rock intro that matches the lyrics’ modern theme, the groovy bassline acts as one of the song’s main spines and slowly, the drums slip in then the guitar marking the beginning of the verse. The vocals complementing the guitar melody combined with the guitar tone gave an old school feel and adding those effects on the vocals and harmonies gave it depth and texture.  

The song has smooth progression as its curve keeps going up smoothly, it gets heavier and more expressive with jazzy energetic drums and heavy engaging guitars towards the end. It keeps you thinking for the 1st half then urges you to act upon that as it progresses.

“Turn the Screw” felt like a well-crafted tune that took it’s time before Higher Sights took the decision to bring it to the masses. It is an interesting trip that says a lot about what Higher Sights have in store and will make me keep an eye on them for future releases and I advise that you do too. Cheers guys and looking forward for more.