The blissful racket of Martyn Scott’s latest single ‘Turn’ is a Dire Straits-meets-Blue Öyster Cult piece of alternative pop that took me back to an easier time with its jangly guitars and infectious melodies. For a song that sounds so much in a rush, ‘Turn’ took all the time it needed to grow on me and introduce Martyn Scott as a gem of a songwriter, unlike most others.

Based in the British town of Rotherham, Martyn Scott is a singer and a songwriter with a tasty twist. Going the extra mile to create a mood reminiscent of 60s pop, with its retro psychedelia and prominent jazz undertones, ‘Turn’ comes across as something on a level of its own. Wealthy with guitar, charisma, and with a lethal attitude, ‘Turn’ is confident, unique, and offers a sublime modern take on an infamous sound that’s extremely popular and easy to love.

The elements most noteworthy on the song would have to be the guitars and Scott’s voice. Overdriven to just the right amount, the lead guitars on ‘Turn’ are juicy and pierce through the mix efficiently, and with memorable melodies and solid performances, the lead guitar work on ‘Turn’ is -on its own- enough to make any song a winner, and add to that the psychedelic rhythm guitar lines sitting snug a little further in the mix, with the delicious modulation effects on them, and you have on your hands a rich guitar atmosphere that takes you right back in time. Scott’s voice also easily stands out: A capable singer with a unique palette, Scott knows how to use his range effectively, giving us restrained and approachable verses, before showcasing his soaring highs on a number of belted lines in the hook. A calculated and balanced song that displays how mature of a songwriter Scott is.

A skilled multi-instrumentalist and a skilled writer of songs, Martyn’s retro leanings never make his music irrelevant. Quite the opposite in fact. His one-of-a-kind approach not only gives us weighted and balanced songs, but also a window to hear old styles in shimmering modern lights.