There are some universal similarities between humans all over the globe…

Whichever financial status you are, wherever you were born, whatever language you speak…

We all as humans can agree on several things…one of which is, trust issues.

…and I’m saying that because these universal commonalities are highlighted even further by art, in several mediums…one of which I personally believe is the music and song medium.

…and Today we will tackle trust issues through Hadley’s latest single “Trust Issues”.

Hadley is an established artist from Georgia, USA and her songs are shared all over the world.

She is a singer/songwriter that gets personally involved in all aspects to deliver a human experience through song, something as we mentioned, a universal commonality that everyone can experience.

Hadley is considered a country powerhouse in the USA, she started out as young as 14 years old in a blues bar in Atlanta, where she was performing live shows…and there, she developed her talent, honed her skills and started unlocking her true potential in the music world.

Her latest single “Trust Issues” is a heartfelt pop-rock experience, where Hadley shares a part of her personal experience…she went through a difficult time where she experienced her father cheating on her mother…which led to divorce…and led to something also, trust broken between Hadley and her father.

It’s very courageous to share something that personal…not only that, but it also takes a lot of talent and skill to be able to put these feelings, these difficult emotions into words and into music that tastes that good.

Speaking of how Hadley’s “Trust Issues” tastes good…let’s get into some details with the song…

The song starts out with some cinematic sounding and storytelling pad sounds…emotional guitars kicks in…

Hadley starts singing with a smooth voice and performance…

…and BAM…the drum fill kicks in, taking us into a more rock attitude for the rest of the song.

The lyrics go through an emotional trip…and hits hard especially that we already know that this is based on a real-life experience that Hadley went through.

Hadley’s performance is top-notch, and her melodies will control your mind for sometime, you won’t stop humming these melodies for some time.

The production quality is of the highest caliber, all the technical stuff are awesome…mixing, mastering, vocals, guitars…the experience that Hadley’s gives us through “Trust Issues” is a AAA experience from all angles.

It’s evident that Hadley is on her path to a huge success waiting for her in the near future…she is unstoppable.

Hadley, we wish you all the luck in the world, we’ll be cheering you on.