The Los Angeles-based hard rock/industrial solo project band Trigram released their self-titled EP on November 17, 2017 which produced by Brian Mansell.

The EP includes for four songs and they are; Assimilate, Entropy, Bleed Out and Tick Down. Assimilate is also presented in a well-made music video as Alex Frey-directed the video conveys the homogenization of humanity in an inspired dystopian display. “’Assimilate’ takes a metaphoric look at conformity in social media through the lens of a post-apocalyptic world where a supreme leader enslaves the population through electronic devices. I thought about how everyone is turning into the same person with the same point of view because of what is being force fed to us through social media.” He uttered.

And for sure, I can see that the industrial influences are pretty clear through their riffs and it’s a nice mix by giving a powerful hard rock style.

‘Entropy’ represents a good merge of smooth/strong vocals over a catchy guitar soloing. Trigram reminds me of many industrial and rock bands, like; Deftones and A Perfect Circle and it’s very obvious within their music, I personally felt it within ‘Bleed Out.’


The band is very smart for choosing ‘Tick Down’ to be the EP outro. I enjoyed this song so much, a nice good suspense intro and guitar riffs are serving the vocal very well indeed. I feel that Trigram will be one of the booming industrial bands very soon, and for sure cannot wait for their upcoming releases.