Lucho Berzek

After years of working as session musicians, producers, and songwriters beside some of the biggest names in history, Geoff Gibbons, Pat Steward, Rob Becker, John Ellis, and Jay Buettner decided to join forces and show their own music to the world as they formed New Yank Yorkies. I guess when dealing with such seasoned musicians we all expect top-notch rock n roll and nothing less, and New Yank Yorkies easily topped that on their latest single Trick of the Heart that we’ll be reviewing today.

Trick of the Heart opens with a subtle melodic riff with the perfect guitar tone and groove. New Yank Yorkies‘ deep roots and influences in rock n roll and country pop with every note, their tight playing, and solid songwriting says everything about those professional musicians, and the solos are AMAZING. Trick of the Heart has a moving irresistible groove, it carries the song’s dynamic progressive structure that keeps things fresh and interesting, actually, it’s impressive how organic and natural those guys sound! I bet they lay some crazy improvisational stuff when they play live. New Yank Yorkies‘ production is very authentic and brings back the old days’ glory with its warm fluid sound.

Trick of the Heart made me fall in love with New Yank Yorkies‘ sound and energy. Their music-writing and sense of melody are unbelievable, and the way they fluidly created those lines shows their talents and passion. I’m definitely looking forward to more from New Yank Yorkies, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!