Luke Awtry

The latest single from New Jersey-based artist Tyler Eden is entitled “Trial By Fire” and is the latest entry in a series of monthly singles. The song bridges the gap between modern alternative rock and older more nostalgic subgenres. The song begins with a soft dreamy strumming pattern on a clean guitar, followed by a strong bass guitar which forms the foundation for what’s about to come. The moment the drums begin playing, I’m already reminded of older-era Coldplay, which was all about stripping rock down to its most basic foundations like this. And that minimalistic feeling doesn’t stop there, as Tyler sings in a mixed register with some areas being predominantly in head voice. His style will appeal to fans of Cigarettes After Sex frontman Greg Gonzalez, wherein some of his notes feel insanely high and his voice texture is soft, tender, and passionate. This passion doesn’t compromise any bit in power or accuracy though, as we hear Tyler’s ethereal wailing over the verses and chorus of a song that feels like It could’ve been written by Cranberries, only to be picked up and performed years later by Muse or Coldplay. This is just how much Tyler succeeded in his intention of sounding both fresh and inspired by the classics. I definitely recommend this track if you’re a fan of any of the aforementioned bands, but Tyler’s style and color of voice are one of a kind, and he is one of those rare finds whose underrated artistry is worth every minute of your time.