This year’s L’Boulevard Festival is strengthened by the participation of many young and rising bands competing for the first prizes of the 19th edition of the festival. There were 19 competed bands through different categories. For Rock & Metal, there were six competed bands: Alchemy, Asphyxia, Deep Scar, Meteor Airlines, Torpedo, and Ascended Pariah. Regarding Fusion/World, there were five participants: Aziz Ozouss, Snitra, Manina, Hiwayga, Patrick À L’ouvre, Puissance Des Racines. While there were 8 competed Rap/HipHop groups as Zanzan Flow, H-Joker, Selfmy, Art Smoke, Meta 4 Pplanet, Modmen, 1150, and Lmochaghib. These bands stunned the audience and everyone who follows the participated bands.
The 19th edition of the Tremplin” L’Boulevard Festival was successfully held from the 13th to the 15th of September at RUC stadium located in the district Beauséjour, Casablanca, Morocco. The winners will receive professional music training at Boultek, as well as the recording of two titles, and finally a concert on the Boulevard 2019 stage!

The 19th edition gained huge success in all areas and witnessed the presence of all ages. This festival can be considered as an outlet or a destination for all youth from all over the Kingdom. The jury members did not find any problems in order to choose the winning teams. The jury is composed of a group of the finest artists and technicians in the field of youth music.

Away from the competitions above the stage, the festival has been as diverse in all fields as it is known from its inception 19 years ago, and was distinguished by the presence of many specialized workshops as well as workshops for children on how to identify the organization of the festival “L’PITCH“ (organization / composition of the communication committee and a committee in charge of publicity).

It was also marked by the presence of many associations and young artists in the field of painting and decoration in the market from the sale of T-shirts and paintings of young Moroccan and international artists, the event was open to all areas, especially thanks to the organizers of the festival for the wonderful organization, especially the committee in charge of information and communication of the festival.

After the competition between the bands competing for the festival awards, the audience enjoyed the festival with an international Rock and Metal bands like Acyl (Algeria/France), Added Color (Brazil/USA) and Krav Boca (France/Greece). Here is a list with the Moroccan competed bands and the international participated acts:

Photos Competing Moroccan Rock and Metal bands for the festival prizes:


Ascended Pariah (Melodic Death Metal from Casablanca).

Asphyxia (Thrash/Heavy Metal from Azemmour/El Jadida).

Deep Scar (Progressive Metal from Tangier).

Alchemy (Metal from Fez).

Meteor Airlines (Rock Alternatif from Kelaat M’Gouna).

Torpedo (Thrash Metal from Fez).


Guest international Bands: Photos

Acyl (Experimental Ethnic Metal from Algeria/France).

Added Color (Alternative Rock from Brazil/USA).

Krav Boca (Punk Rap Mandolin from France/Greece).

Finally, the jury announced “Torpedo and Deep Scar as the winners for Rock/Metal category at this year’s Tremplin L’Boulevard. “We are proud to announce Torpedo as this year’s winner! The band was crowned champion after performing alongside Deep Scar. The two bands will now move on to perform at the 19th anniversary L’Boulevard Festival at R.U.C stadium in Casablanca!” the jury stated.

Finally, here is the running order of the participated Rock/Metal bands at L’Boulevard.

On the Main Stage:

Deep Scar (Morocco).
Torpedo (Morocco).
Moroccan tribute to Lamb of God (Morocco).
Slave to Sirens (Lebanon).
Into The Evernight (Morocco).
Carcass (UK).

On Scène Souk stage:

Orientanarchy (Morocco).
3ar9ala (Morocco).
Wait for the 21 September and you’ll have a fully detailed review from our team.
Check more details about the event here.

Written by: Yassine Siyaf

Edited by: Rana Atef

Photography by: Hamza Benshaba & CHADI ILIAS & ZAKARIA LATOURI


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