The track opens with a gloomy atmospheric mood followed by mournful guitar tunes and sad drums. The riffs of the track reflect the inner feelings of a truly wounded soul, a soul that is destroyed and tortured with the flames of false love. Aleah’s vocals through the track are colored with gray, bleak, pain and blue. Her vocals were a real broken wounded lady and her pitches were sweet sorrowful ones. The harmony between the guitars is really deep and melancholic. Trees of Eternity did not forget about the beauty of instruments like violin or cello, in 2: 52, you could feel the heavy notes of those instruments. The atmospheric/ambient presence gives the track more darkened Gothic taste. The music of the track carries many influences of Gothic, melodic, dark, doom, and funeral doom metal.


Concerning the video, the video is heavily influenced by Gothic elements. The colors of Gray, Blue and Black and the scenes of reflective elements as the surface of the water, mirror, and eyes. The scenes of forlorn nature as dead trees, clouds, fire, burning woods, and waters. The performance of the actor herself was full of sadness.

Finally, Trees of Eternity managed to add a new true successful deep music. Everyone who loves doom music is sure that Aleah’s voice and soul will be around forever. Rest in Peace beautiful Angel.

Written by: Rana Atef
Edited by: Marina Eshak



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