The illustrious ‘Wicked Game’ progression strikes again. This time, with The Nomadic’s latest single titled ‘Treading Water’. The Aussie 4-piece rock and country outfit takes a timeless chord sequence and put their own twist on it, proving that they have enough identity and music in them to make this classic theirs.

Australian, based in Sydney, The Nomadic is the name of a band composed of singer and songwriter Rob Gaylard, who relocated to Sydney after half a decade of being a staple of the New York indie rock scene, and his company, consisting of Australia’s finest; drummer Miles Thomas, guitarist Oliver Thorpe, and bassist Brendan Clark. ‘Treading Waters’ is expansive and is ever in motion. Starting with an understated acoustic guitar and a wispy synth, the song soon collides with a boomy bassline and a deep-hitting beat, transforming it from an affectionate singer-songwriter cut to huge indie goodness.

The song’s watery guitar arpeggios, and the well-calculated overdrive and tremolo make the guitars on their own a pleasure to behold, and the restraint practiced by the 4 musicians helps create a balanced atmosphere that’s endlessly immersive. A small ensemble keeping time in perfect harmony. The Nomadic are certainly painting themselves as a group of seasoned musicians who know how to weave an entrancing atmosphere.

‘Treading Water’, produced by Dan Frizza is Sydney’s Forbes Studio, is a wonderfully efficient song, technically, and a bountifully soulful one at that. A song that fuses indie charm with country charisma and rock energy in one delightful display of musical prowess.