Backed by his large number of streams and well-received music, seasoned songwriter/producer Will Dailey sets sail with his own solo project Dale. He’s planning for his debut EP next year and till then, a series of singles will be released starting with “Treading Water”. “Treading Water” clearly sounds like it was carefully crafted as Dale took his time writing it and even scrapped his original lyrics at some point until he found what he was looking for, or as he described it

 “The most honest song I’ve ever written”

So let’s see how it goes,

Dale had me right from that heavy groovy bass intro and how this simple melody kept its identity with every newly added element. “Treading Water” is loaded with different influences with psychedelic, alternative, pop, and rocking grooves all crafted into Dale’s solid sound and extremely unpredictable structure, the song’s ramp dynamics helped this structure to easily progress and move into more open and energetic sound with even some heavy pounding parts and extremely engaging singalongs. The most impressive thing about “Treading Water” is how it was smartly layered and arranged to keep the emotional part alive alongside its highly energetic parts, that layering led to a beautiful harmony that’s not easy to achieve, especially with all these instruments and effects.

“Treading Water” is a beautiful, melodic piece by Dale, it has almost everything from groovy swaying bass to emotional expressive vocals all wrapped in an engaging energetic structure that kept everything together while the song wildly progresses. I’m definitely going to keep a close eye on Dale, looking forward to more releases, cheers!