Federica Burellii

The UK-based singer-songwriter, Danny Wright, is back with an adrenaline-rush dose of his genuine Pop-Punk sound, releasing his first track in 2022, “Train Wreck.”

The adrenaline won’t pump through your veins only because of the killer sound, but also because of how much “Train Wreck” is relevant and will press on an intimate part of your soul. If you ever felt lost and had no idea what you were doing, questioned all your prior decisions, pondered the meaning of your existence, and pushed yourself to the breaking point till you became like a “Train Wreck,” then this song is definitely for you. If you haven’t experienced any of these, are you sure you haven’t? Seriously! How did you do it? What’s your trick?

The lyrics hit hard with their honesty and are filled with raw human sensations. It makes you feel like you’re not on your own and you’re not the only one who’s been feeling this way. Most of us once wondered, “When will it all make sense?” Wright’s vocals strike a balance between the vulnerable emotions in the lyrics and the strongly rocking sound. It’s warm, yet powerful, with a hopeless tone to it. The headbanging drums and the stellar guitar riffs sound like defying one’s demons. The mix between rock, pop, and punk characterized the single and conveyed the feelings behind it. It screams with Wright’s depiction of what feeling frustrated with yourself, and your life is like. 

It’s okay to fall apart sometimes; it’s part of being human. “Train Wreck,” below, is a reminder that you’re not alone in this, and maybe someday it will all make sense.