Ascendia‘s dark and intense new single, “This War,” comes from their upcoming album, PARASITE.

It started off as being a motivational song about waging war against life, about accomplishing your goals and not quitting. But then the band had a conversation with their producer, Gavin Brown, who commented that the song sounds way more like it’s about internal struggle.

He mentioned a time he was at dinner and he noticed a war vet sitting nearby and that he could feel this man was suffering. Gavin said the song reminded him of that guy and how the war never stopped for him. The band then changed it to the perspective that everyone has a war they are fighting; everybody faces adversities and we have to try our best to fight that war and win that war every day.

Since the theme of the song is about war, Ascendia wanted the song to have more of a raw and less polished feel to it. You can really hear it with the opening drum effect.

Holistically, PARASITE is mostly about expressing real, genuine feelings in a way that the listener could relate to. Human beings communicate through stories, and so it was incredibly important that there was clarity in the band’s message. Listeners can’t get directly into the minds of the songwriter, so the band needed to make sure the lyrics would tell the story in a clear, concise way.

Press via Auteur Research


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