The Neighbourhood Watch‘s story-driven blend of folk and indie rock pulls on a personal experience with chronic illness and expresses that story in a way that resonates with people who are struggling with all kinds of illnesses – mental or physical. The Toronto band’s upcoming fourth album is a meditation on family, illness, and loving what life gives you nonetheless.

New single, “Bones,” was inspired by the fun, garage-rock inspired indie rock anthems that have become popular across Spotify in the last few years: the Backseat Lovers, Briston Maroney, and some earlier Cage the Elephant tracks served as major musical inspirations. “Bones” is a song about relapse and how your body can feel it coming on. The intuition that your body is about to give out again, after a prolonged period of health and stability.

Touching on this idea of bodily intuition, “Bones” taps into that feeling and lets it be a guide.

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