Christmas is a jolly holiday aaaand my 2nd favourite time of the year after Halloween. For most people it’s a time for family gathering, twinkly lights, shiny presents, cookies & milk for Santa, and the big golden star on the Christmas tree; for others…well, not so much.

While most Christmas songs are happy & family related, some artists take it to the gloomy side; which brings us to this gothic “supposedly” Christmas song: ‘A Christmas Night’ by Tor Marrock ft Coco Star.

Now, before getting to the music video, here is some info about our artists.

Tor Marrock is a gothic/death metal band from Aberystwyth, Wales, formed in 2004. Their songs are mostly focused on loss, depression, suicide & madness. They released their 1st demo album The Death of Summer in 2006, followed by A Gothic Romance in 2007 and Destroy the Soul in 2013. Band members are: Tarren (Drums), Talas ( Drums /Guitars),Tola (Guitars), and Tor Marrock Guitars, Vocals & Bass.

As for Coco Star, she’s an Electronic Dance Music, UK Garage, Gospel Music, Dubstep, Drum & Bass artist from Hertfordshire, England.

Ok, back to their track ‘A Christmas Night’. Now, the music video wasn’t really what I expected, neither was the performance. I mean gothic themed melody, yes. Stage setting…not so much (the only Christmas thing there was a single tree!). Costumes, ok. But singing and instrument performance, I could barely hear any of the lyrics, just bits and pieces (except for Coco’s lines). Not to mention that were some parts that weren’t in sync with the rhythm and in which I couldn’t really feel the essence of the instruments themselves, which didn’t really send out the emotions needed to move the listener. As for the acting performance, I couldn’t really get the message either, which could have at least given a story to the music, if not the lyrics. Yes, I do acknowledge that this is no Tim Burton directed video, but I’ve seen and heard better.

Now, this is just my opinion. But as I know that there are many gothic music fans out there, I’ll let you judge. Watch the music video below and add your comments.

Edited by: Jailan El-Rafie