1. Mayones

My favorite ever! Mayones are a very good brand that delivers a high quality of electric and bass guitars. They feature many series like: Setius, Legend, Regius, Vidus, Duvell, Maestro, Virtouso, Djentlemen and MBC. Also, they have signature guitars for musicians from Katatonia, Pain of Salvation and Bloodbath. You can also see on their website, the huge artist list which includes musicians from all over the world.

2. Sinuous

Although they are still new as they were established in 2009, they we capable to stand on a solid ground with the market. Sinuous only feature one series of guitars.

3. Aria

Aria is a very old brand since the mid 50s. The company offers a lot of products; guitar is one of them. Seven series are in the guitar section, but my favorites are MAC and Class. Don’t be surprised to read on their website that Cliff Burton was one of their dedicated artists.

4. Becker Guitars & Martian Basses

They have four main series in their guitar section, but I highly recommend checking their HeadHunter series and the Custom-Made Guitars.


5. Babicz

Their 3 main model series are Steven Wilson Signature Model, Spider Sunburst and Dreadnought. They also feature: Adjustable Neck, Split Bridge and many others. Steven Wilson, KK Downing and Chris Caffery are from their notable musicians.

6. Blade

The company makes electric and bass guitars. They have 9 guitar series, I recommend Durango and X-Fire for metalheads, and if you want a guitar for your classic rock then go for the classic series or Texas. Also, they have a lot of international guitarist from over than 15 country in their artist section.

7. Danelctro

I believe you are gonna find nice guitars there, however, they failed in their marketing as they were established in the mid 50s. They divide their products into four sections; Double Cutaway, 63, 67 & Hodad, Baritone & Bass, 12 Strings & more.

8. DBZ Guitars

The first time I saw Diamond I thought, “Yeah, they have nice looking guitars,” but when I went to their web I was like, “Wow! What the hell…?!” They produce electric guitars, bass guitars, seven string guitars and also guitars cases and bags. Numerous series in the electric guitar series but what I recommend to you are: Barchetta, Bolero, Halcyon, Imperial and Monarch.

9. Duesenberg

This is one of Johnny Depp‘s favorite guitar brands. He also has a signature guitar there. They have numerous electric and bass guitar series, but you may need to check their Berlin tube Amplifier and Effect pedals too. You may be surprised with the artist list, frankly, some names weren’t expected to be there, like; Billy Gibbons, John Mayer, Steve Stevens, Mike Campbell, Jon Bon Jovi and Bob Dylan.

10. Hufschmid Guitars

You may have seen this brand on Facebook before with their shiny lighten guitars, humbuckers and picks! Yes, HufGlow, GlowBucker, Alien Green HufGlow pick and Aqua Blue pick. As they have nice guitars, they really need to work on a new friendly user website.

11. Faith Guitars

Faith are specialized in acoustic guitars. Eclipse, Mahogany and Signature series are my favorites.

12. Vik Guitars

Their main 5 series will blow your mind! Did you know you can make their own with their custom shop? I recommend you to check their Facebook page than their website, as it’s more more updated with their recent products.

13. RAN guitars

They have a nice variety delivered by RAN with their 7 different models. If you are into rock or heavy metal, their collections will catch your eyes specially with Demon and Thor series.

14. Guild Guitars

Since 1953 and this company is introducing many unique acoustic, electric, bass, 12-string guitars but like any other good brand they fail in marketing. Why so?! Well, have you heard about them before?!

Leading image: Nora Kamal

Written by: Mena Ezzat
Edited by: NJ Bakr


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