So you know the feeling when you are going to an exam, exercising, having to stand up for yourself or want to talk to a girl? And for some reason you just don’t have the balls or the confidence to just go in and give it all you’ve got?

Then suddenly a song comes up, you hear the song, your nerves start to shake and BOOM!! You are unstoppable! Well here then, I brought you the best pumping songs to put on your iPod/mp3 player in these situations;

10- ‘Black Dog’ by Led Zeppelin
Even through the whole song you can feel the adrenalin jitters moving up and down your body.

9-‘Stone Cold Crazy’ by Metallica
Personally this was my sit down and study song, I never actually passed the subjects but it did make me sit down at my desk and get in the mood to study, even if I just held the pencils and started drumming.

8- ‘Given Up’ by Linkin Park
Oddly enough this song used to help you do anything but give up.

7- ‘Sway’ by Coal Chamber
Best song to listen to when you want to do something that you are absolutely positive will get you in trouble.

6- ‘Riot’ by Three Days Grace
I think of this song whenever I have to stand up for myself to a bully who looks much larger than me, this song makes all the logical reasoning go away.

5- ‘The Pretender’ by Foo Fighters
This song just speaks for itself; there are no words to describe how this song pumps you up!

4- ‘Last Resort’ by Papa Roach
Though the lyrics might give you the impression of giving up, this song does well when you have had enough of something and need to punch a hole in the wall.


3- ‘Highway To Hell’ by AC/DC
Yup, I’m in my car, with my friends and I’m going to have a wild night, NO CAN STOP ME!!!

2-‘Eye Of The Tiger’ by Survivor
This song has been used and worn out, but still the best work out song out there.

1- ‘We will Rock You’ by Queen
#1 pumping song of all times, if this song doesn’t get your blood rushing and start banging the table I don’t know what will.

I hope you enjoyed this list and had a little blood rush, if you think I missed anything please feel free to suggest the song(s) in the comments bellow.