1- ‘Oceans Of Grey’ by Septicflesh

The reason why this is my favourite video is because she dances perfectly to the music that she made me love the track. Perfectly coordinated with the music.

2- ‘Serenade Of Self Destruction (Live in Vancouver)’ by EPICA

Because who would ever dare to mind Mahafsoun dancing to the melodies of the music next to the beautiful Simone Simon and headbanging with her?

3- ‘Night Eternal’ by Moonspell

When the drums is clear and eargasmically brutal yet her belly moves is too accurate that you go “wow, how does she manage to go control it that fast”.

4- ‘Anubis’ by Septicflesh

I do not really know whether I love this one because of my intense love to SepticFlesh or my intense love to Mahafsoun or maybe it is the combination of those two. Definitely that.

5- ‘Beyond The Stars’ by Myrath

Of course when you mix Oriental Metal with Metal bellydancing you get a great video, but when it’s Mahafsoun, it’s beyond just great.

6- ‘The Haunting – Somewhere In Time’ by Kamelot

The main element that attracted me here was the variety in moves.

7- ‘A Great Mass Of Death’ by Septicflesh

Oh come on, you didn’t think I’ll only mention 2 videos where she dances to Septicflesh, did you? The perfect belly moves match the perfect drums perfectly. See how many I have used the word “perfect”?

8- ‘The Tempest’ by The Agonist  

How well can you switch in dancing like this? The control? Oh well, certainly not like Mahafsoun.

9- ‘Apocalypse’ by Septicflesh

This is the last one I promise. I just could not resist how she is in harmony with Septicflesh’s music. Feelable, yeah I just invented that word.

10- ‘Arabesque’ by Nightwish

This might be the only video where I could say that I expected more. It’s still good though.
This list is according to my own personal opinion and numbered accordingly to how much I love them. Tell us your favourite Mahafsoun bellydancing videos.

Written By: Nehal A.Ali


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