With heavy heart I regret to tell you this is the wrapping up of our listicles of best Doom Metal tracks. With all the great bands that once were, now are and will one day be; it was hard to determine which to pick and which to opt out. That said, I had no intention to either overrate or underestimate bands/musicians through my choices. It’s just that those mentioned in my lists happen to have recently appealed to me the most.

Here are my last top 10 Doom Metal songs:

Dawn Of Solace – I Am Chaos, I Am Destruction
Finnish multi-instrumentalist, composer, vocalist, producer and unlikely gardener Tuomas Saukkonen knew how to keep his time occupied by being a frontman of 6 different Doom Metal bands at the same time- and those are Black Sun Aeon, The Final Harvest, Before The Dawn, Dawn Of Solace, RoutaSielu and WolfHeart. I don’t know if that’s even physically possible. DOS released only one full-length album named The Darkness, then was announced disbanded after Tuomas decided to drop all his commitments and focus on WolfHeart. 


The Foreshadowing – Eschaton
Currently the heartthrobs of Italian depressive music. The 6-member band from Rome narrate a story of a man in a post-apocalyptic world full of pain and remorse, using Gothic/Doom sounds and clean vocalling that will captivate your ears for good. And rejoice, fans of Game Of Thrones! The Foreshadowing played a cover of The Rain Of Castamere earlier this year. It’s utterly beautiful!

Forest of Shadows – Eternal Autumn
It’s already been made clear how Folk-ish touches add melancholy to the music being played. Well, the Swedish one-man band excelled at taking advantage of that. Eternal Autumn‘s intro pretty much speaks for itself. 

Slumber – Distress
With two demos and on full-length albums Slumber set off their career, which later headed in a different direction (will elaborate on that later). The music is more of Melodic Doom with harsh vocals. 

Atoma – Skylight
So, Slumber decided to dismember and form a new band with the exact same members. Atoma sounds are completely different; more atmospheric and with bits of electronica and female presence scattered every here and there. They’ve released only one album in 2012 up until now. 

Agalloch – Odal
Ever since their formation in 1995, the American Doom/Black Metal four-member group has presented nothing but an upheaval of musical variations. Agalloch include many different styles beside Doom and Black, like Post-Rock, Experimental, Electronic, Neofolk, and Ambient. 

How Like A Winter – A Flower That Sears In Silence
Another Marco Benevento (of Kamlath and The Foreshadowing) project that made only two albums then split up last year. The name is inspired by a Shakespeare poem and the music is somewhat Gothic/Symphonic. 

Omit – Dissolve
Cecilie Langlie’s mezzo-soprano voice is a melancholia of its own, carrying the weight of ten-and-longer-minute tracks with the help of slow, unvarying guitars and drums. And despite it might sound dull; it will absorb you in a state of stupefaction as long as you listen. 

Lethian Dreams – Elusive
This is the female-fronted version of Saturnus. A 12-year old French band that’s been through a few line-up changes and has so far released two amazing albums.

Mournful Congregation – The Book Of Kings
Super lengthy tracks (we’re talking up to 34 minutes here), vocal variations and depressing lyrics are the main characteristics of Australia’s own, granting you Funeral Doom at its finest.

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