We compiled this song list of the saddest of all Metal genres; Doom Metal, so keep an open mind while listening because it will sure make you happy.

Paradise Lost – Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us

Early UKian Death/Doom outfit of 26 years seems to have shaped Doom along the way. And this song in specific is one of the most darkly beautiful things you’ll ever listen to.

Candlesmass – Dark Are The Veils of Death
The fundamentality of Traditional Doom Metal lies in its capacity to embrace both Heavy Metal and the roots of Doom (or shall I call it depressive?) heavy music. Candlemass mastered this particularly; it’s like listening to the gloomy side of Metallica and the likes.


While Heaven Wept – Of Empires Forlorn

Another Traditional Doom song, only a bit more emotional with an atmospheric feels to it. And even though it’s off a 2003 release, it sounds old school. Needless to say, While Heaven Wept contributed greatly in the growth of Doom Metal as a genre.


My Dying Bride – The Cry of Mankind
This, in my opinion, is My Dying Bride’s finest pieces. Obviously Type O-Negative-influenced (but hey, what isn’t?) and the vocalling sounds more like Joy Division’s Ian Cutis and it’s plain beautiful.

Katatonia – Rainroom

Guess who does brutal on that one? It’s Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth as part of Brave Yeter Days compilation that wrapped up Katatonia’s era of heavy music.

Saturnus – Paradise Belongs To You
There’s a sense of enchantment that we’ll strike you while hearing this song in particular. If Saturnus are good anything, it’s at portraying a full image of their music using soundscapes, recitation and enigmatic lyrics. So not only do you hear the music, you also see the music.


Shape of Despair – Night’s Dew
It’s not common for a Doom band to offer an instrumental song that can fulfill its melancholic purposes as thoroughly as this track, nor is it easy. It goes well with wintertime and rainy nights.

Draconian – Death, Come Near Me
Draconian is one of the bands that stir controversy when it comes to music classification. Some say it’s Gothic, some say it’s Doom. But who dares talk genres when a band plays a 15-minute track so perfectly?

Swallow The Sun – Cathedral Walls
Nowhere else in the world surpasses Finland in the field of melancholy music, considering all the Neofolk and Doom Metal acts hailing from there. Cathedral Walls is the fourth song on Swallow The Sun’s latest release Emerald Forest And The Blackbird featuring Anette Olzon of Nightwish.

Uaral – Eternal Beauty of Trees

Away from the constant weeping Uaral are famous for, I decided to keep that one to the last because it’s as doom-ish as it can get. Its music mainly ranges between Neofolk and Funeral Doom Metal; both sensation and heaviness that will bring ‘delight’ to your ears (delight! see what I did there?)

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