Through the mist that surrounds the bottom of tour Eiffel, down there stood an artist bursting out soothing Parisienne tunes that flew over the air and rode the foggy steam and to the ears of the listeners.

blankHailing from Paris, France the talented Indie rock artist Miron with his new single titled “Too Deep” in a Parisienne artistic theme with his acoustic guitar and the reverb electric guitar effect, along with the low and high vocal pitches of Miron.

Too Deep” begins with soothing acoustic guitar chords blended with the warm rough low pitch vocals that inspire the despair between the artist and his addressee that he yearns to feel her love.

The acoustic guitar isn’t the only instrument that formulates the mesmerizing sound in “Too Deep” the electric guitar is also produced in a reverb effect that inspires the romantic theme that is expressed by the artist.

As the third single release by Miron, “Too Deep” is just another teasing single that hints what Miron has to offer and what he is capable of, which is a real indie classic rock from the hearts of the city of art.