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Confidence is at its best form in Clifford’s latest release, “Too Big Too Strong,” with some clear, charismatic vocal lines and an electrifying, infectious sound.

It’s always a pleasure to listen to Clifford singles. The abilities of this Westminster-based, multi-talented musician are limitless. His musicianship is mind-blowing. I reviewed his song “I’m So Bored” a while ago, and I took a spin through the rest of the singles back then, to find no single like the other. He has a distinct style, blending genres and shifting the tones of his layered vocals to fit the atmosphere, such as being casual and snappy in “I’m So Bored,” being soulful and moving in “Love IS Real,” and being bouncy and energetic in “Close To Me.”

“Too Big Too Strong” is a dancy one. From the first second, it’s hard to resist shaking every organ in one’s body. The combination of Alt-Rock and Electronic Music results in a striking, catchy sound. Clifford, like a craftsman, makes everything without a flaw; he played each instrument perfectly and placed each element in its correct context. The intense, sick bass line, the vivid beats, the superb guitar riffs, and the retro synths, it’s all on point. He undoubtedly knows how to flavor each song differently and get you addicted to all these various flavors and crave more.

“I’m ’bout to explode right now

I’m at my full potential right now

Yeah you’re in the danger zone right now.”

It’s hard not to see the powerful, confident lyrics presenting Clifford himself, because yeah, he’s on fire and about to explode for carrying too much potential in one person. The song depicts the realization of one’s own worth and the power that resides within us. It urges us to not care about what anyone thinks and to know that what matters is how we see ourselves. The skilled singer/songwriter has such a stellar attitude in his performance with his serene, captivating vocals. He personifies every line, making you ready to do your confident dance and repeat the song countless times.

“My hope with this song is that the listener feels empowered to rise above any challenges they encounter, whether those challenges are derived from within themselves or from others.”  Clifford

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