Matt Saxton is an indie artist based in the UK; he made his breakthrough when Google decided in 2015 to feature his acoustic song “Seabird” on its homepage which gained him a lot of exposure. Matt pushed his career forward in February 2018 by the release of his debut full length “I Wasn’t Looking for Love” which was produced and recorded by Ville and Matt Leppanen at their London studio. In December 2021 and February 2022 Matt released two singles “Animal” and “It’s Only Now That I Know” respectively out of his upcoming record and on the 8th of April 2022 he dropped his third single “Tonight”, it’s a song that deals with insomnia and going through desperate times and we will see today how Matt reflected on this.

“Tonight” is a mellow and slow tune that focuses on setting a mood using emotions channeled to the listener by Matt Saxton’s vocal tone and melody mixed with its smooth flow of music and lyrics. The music is simple and effective giving the lyrics and vocals the focus needed. The nice piano intro plays a major role in hooking you throughout the whole song, it stays and keeps on progressing till the end accompanied by an ambient background giving the perfect melancholic mood that suits the lyrics.

“Tonight” is a radio friendly tune with the vibes of a classic song. It is beautifully straight forward, personal and relatable I’m guessing this will be a fan favorite, me included. Looking forward for more from Matt Saxton, cheers!