Some think of tomorrow as a brand new beginning; others see it as an unrevealed mystery that might hold darkness within. The Indianapolis-based artist Saint Aubin gathers both visions of tomorrow in his poignant, headbanging single, “Tomorrow.”

Saint Aubin is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and podcaster. Based on his latest single, “Tomorrow,” that was recently dropped on the eleventh of this month, he’s a witty artist who knows how to convey intimate sentiments through a fiery rock sound, getting the listener both touched and hyped up.

“Tomorrow” is a song that he wrote when he lost his mother last year, and if you’ve ever lost a dear one, especially a parent, to death, you know how painful it is, how life turns to be colorless, and at the same time, how scary it is to let go and try to see some colors again. The lyrics skillfully capture this love-hate situation for the notion of a tomorrow after a devastating loss.

From intro to outro, the single is lusty-sounding and emotionally stirring. Along with the husky yet melodic vocals that are tinged with a mixture of anguish and optimism, the kicking guitar riffs and dynamic drumming create a groovy vibe. The overall energy makes you want to hear it live. Saint Aubin didn’t emphasize one element while ignoring others; instead, he gave each part its own space and made sure that they blended together smoothly to create this addictive product.

This emerging rock star has released five songs this year, and they will be followed by one song a month. He definitely has what it takes to be a stellar artist with his genuine talents. You can find “Tomorrow” below to get a taste of what I’m saying, and you can also find his socials to keep up with his upcoming releases.