The aural onslaught is as immediate as it is impactful, shocking in its viciousness and volatility; just seconds into A Biblical Worship of Violence, the unrelenting debut EP from TEETH, the listener is engulfed in undiluted aggression with the heart-stopping urgency of an air raid siren.

In anticipation of its May 5th drop on New Damage / Nuclear Blast, their new single “Hate Me” is about watching the people around you self-destruct over petulant nonsense. How we, as humans, are so viscerally unwilling to budge in our cemented beliefs and beholden to our egos that we’d rather just let the house burn down to prove our point.

Listen to ‘Hate Me’ Here

Guitarist Chris LeMasters (ex-Dead And Divine, Hundred Suns), along with longtime comrade and collaborator Blake Prince (Anniversary, Straight Reads The Line) on vocals, birthed TEETH back in 2019. Initially, they were satiated as a studio project, dropping a string of singles through to 2021 that gained over 1.8 million Spotify streams and left some grisly carnage in their wake; but a formal collection seemed like the logical next step – and a growing chorus of voices was demanding the same.

Press via Auteur Research