Czech headbangers Borrowd are back with their new blasting single “To Waves I Belong Too”. “To Waves I Belong Too” is a sequel to “To Waves You Belong” which was on their debut record “I Built This House Of Glass For You”, with massive energy and big expressive sound, showing Borrowd’s true colours. Let me tell you more about it.

With big sound and powerful melodies, Borrowd kick started “To Waves I Belong Too”. Their energetic heavy riffs and pounding drums will send you off your seat headbanging. Borrowd offers one hell of a dynamic ride, with melodic punk-ish riffs, and slowed-down sections that explode into dense breakdowns, all in a tight changing structure. The strong diverse vocal melody played a major role in the big energy “To Waves I Belong Too” projects, and I believe it’ll be amazing witnessing such energy live. I loved the complex HEAVY breakdown around the 2:30-minute mark, and that fluid progression that followed it leading to a big well-deserved outro, said a lot about Borrowd’s extreme metal roots and their top-notch writing skills. 

As a heavy music fan, I think “To Waves I Belong Too” was a great introduction to Borrowd‘s music. It shows lots of character and well knowledge of their sound, skills, and direction as they stay true to their influences while keeping their original modern sound. “To Waves I Belong Too” offers a full package with awesomely diverse vocals, melodic guitars, heavy riffing, and a changing structure that seamlessly swings between touching emotional parts to intense headbanging. Looking forward to more from Borrowd, keep on rocking guys, cheers!