Liedogs is a Lithuanian rock band, they mix their classic rock influences with modern touches and perspectives resulting in a raw, heavy guitar riffing and groovy, sometimes jazzy bass lines and drums all topped by powerful vocals. “To Split the Sea in Two” is their debut record and it is an interesting trip through past and modern sounds of rock and roll today, we are going to dig deeper into it in this review.

The album starts a mellow start with “Sea Forest” which is simply a super groovy tune mastered by the bass and drums while the vocal and guitars flex their abilities giving us a glimpse of what to expect of Liedogs. “Mammoth” kicks in with a rocking tone and a fuzzy stoner rock sound announcing that “Rock N’ Roll is in the house ladies and gentlemen”, it has an interesting structure especially that mid-section with all those riffs, heavy bass, solos, and jazzy drumming. “The Keys” is a blues-rock tune with a modern twist, it has the bluesy groove and mood with chilling solos and powerful dynamic drums with distorted sections to shake things around. Another classic rock tune is “Three Striped Birds” it has a cool groovy riff and structure but, what caught my attention is the vocal melody, vocalist Goda Gabalytė has a great command of her voice and will keep you entertained and focused with her flowing performance. Now we’re right at the middle of the record so it is a perfect slot for A BALLAD! “Home” is a bluesy ballad that sounds improvisational with some cool solos thrown here and there and another flowing vocal line. More interesting influences appear in “No Rest”, it is 100% old-school rocking vibes with the keyboards, heavy riffs, powerful vocals, and that amazing mid-section. “Flooded House” is where Liedogs’ modern touch appears clearly, I loved the effect at the intro and the guitar work throughout the song, the vocal melody is totally different and the bass and drums chemistry and groove are super cool. “After All.. Devotion” has a modern sound too but it is dark and emotional, one of my favorite songs off the album. As the record is about to end, Liedogs reminds us of their rocking roots with “It’s a Mad Mad Mad World”, a heavy tune to keep you hooked and focused with an interesting dynamic structure, vocal melody, and movements and for sure, their signature groovy drums and bass as usual. Last but not least comes “Serpent Woman” which gives the record a bluesy ending and you’ll clearly hear the band closing the record with a high note, the guitar work is amazing, vocal melody, bass, and drums are all put together to leave you with no choice but to play the record again from the top.
“To Split the Sea in Two” is totally recommended for any rock fan, it has an awesome balance between modern touches and classic influences and a clear answer for the oldest question “is rock dead?”. Looking forward for more from Liedogs

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