“To Know You” is the first single to be released from the upcoming album, using connection during times of crisis and love in the broadest meaning of the term to send global messages to listeners all over the world. Whether a worker counting the work-from-home hours or a traveler stuck in a foreign country till quarantine is over, “To Know You” brings the fun of the punk genre with the laid-back bass and indie rock guitars to the front. A mind-numbing track that acts as a pause during a hectic day, Ehmed’s vocals bring a much-beloved sound that can evoke a myriad of feelings.
Ehmed Nauman is a multi-instrumentalist, lyricist who makes the best use of limited resources and sound mixing software. “To Know You” solidifies Ehmed’s presence as a hard-rocking artist who sounds like nobody else, the single comprises a burst of noise that sounds both giddy and melancholic. After listening to it, the album is much anticipated promising more of a non-conforming musician whose music is there to stay. 

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Jaylan Salah