Ruben O from Guatemala City same guy of the same age who has been inspired by the golden 80s/90s era through MTV Network. The remarkable artist delivers a unique acoustic experience which I call from a heart to the heart. Today, I will talk about his single ‘Tired of Try’ off his 2020 full-length, Curfew Archives. Let’s find out!

I believe frustration sometimes can be the reason for creativity. The song is perfectly structured over 23 bar fingerstyle blues leading to a specific point of the lyrics is how you gonna be fully long-term responsible for someone as he says “Tired Of Try is a 12 bar Fingerstyle blues expressing my frustration to get close to my 1 1/2 – 2 year niece, she was so spoiled by her mom, my brother’s wife, that only tolerated her love and care, not even grampa or grandma, so the lyrics are also thought to be applied to any adversity that takes long term commitment and a slow-growing process, a short story from all this is that the song paid off and she hugs me and is happy to say hello every time without any bribe gifts.” Ruben O‘s voice is very emotive and powerful indeed. Usually, I don’t get fond of acoustic tracks because most of the time I feel they are missing an element, but with this one, I was impressed by how it’s well written. I went through the whole album and they are amazing as well. Check it out below!