Nicole Rochelle

Big Rick Energy’s latest single is rich with pop-rock sensibilities, and alternative rock out-there-ness. An accessible cut that will easily appeal to new, as well as old fans.

The New York City-based Big Rick Energy is the new band and brainchild of Rick Eberle. Rick Eberle is a singer/songwriter who has an acoustic fan favorite that goes by the name of Tired Of Me, and today’s offering is an amped-up rehashing of that song. The new band, composed of Adam Solar, Ryan Birkbeck, and Josh Forgione took the original, sweet and mellow, and injected a healthy dose of alternative rock into it, and the results are really noteworthy. 

Tired Of Me still possesses the melodic, musical charm of the acoustic original, amplified by a nuanced rhythm guitar performance, overdriven to perfection and in perfect control over the dynamics, playing syncopated chops with intent here, and intricately picking tasty arpeggios there, sounding gritty and spicy the whole time. The rhythm section is endlessly tight, and the mix is delightful and professional from here till the end of next week, placing Eberle’s rough-edged, charismatic singing in the forefront, where it belongs, as he confidently paces through the song. 

Big Rick Energy draws from a wide range of influences and colors, from The Beatles to Hozier, and it shows in his music. Tired Of Me, while being a glorified remix, manages to be its own thing, accessible, fun, bold, and a ton of fun.