It’s not a waste of time listening to Galaxy Thief’s “Timewaster” endlessly.

The band is comprised of George Bowerman (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals), Jake Trim (Bass/Backing Vocals), Ben Watton (Drums/Backing Vocals), and last but not least, the band’s newest member, the cherry on top, Rhys Messenger (Lead Vocals/Guitar). When you hear Galaxy Thief’s distinct and killer sound, you know for sure that they’re also attention and heart thieves. Their latest single, “Timewaster,” is a masterpiece! It has it all. The sound, vocals, lyrics, and production are all beyond astonishing. All these elements combine to create a hunting, infectious piece.

We have an Arabic proverb that says: “Time is like a sword. If you did not cut it, it would cut you. ” Indicating how time is dangerous and if you don’t spend it wisely, it will backfire on you, and you’ll end up regretting it. “Timewaster” is like a wakeup call. The lyrics are brilliantly written to personify the warning voice of time, achieving a balance between revealing the painful truth and motivating you, as in the line: “When I see the way, you could’ve been, aspiration cast aside just like your dreams.”

And just when you think they can’t say anything more accurate or cruel, they hit you with the next line of the chorus:

 “Wasting your life as you’re watching us sail away, stuck in a rut, you could have been something great,”

But, just like no ailment does without its medicine, they give you hope and an optimistic push: 

“But there’s still time.”

Vocally, Messenger adds a lot to the band with his energetic, melodic, and bright vocals. His performance is flawless; he’s just vibing in with the elements, and the elements are singing along with him. He’s truly pulling off the scream that’s followed by the perfect solo. The amazing guitar riffs, dynamic bass, and kicking drumming all create an appealing, addictive rhythm. It’s all working together to deliver you a crucial message from Time.

So, do you believe that “There’s still time”? For Galaxy Thief, I’m certain that there’s still time to wow us again!