Photos : fotosbyadriana Makeup: Champaine Ivy

Keelah Tay pours her heart out in her upcoming single “Time Zones” set to be released on the 3rd of March 2023.

Keelah Tay is a singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, United States. Her influences are mainly derived from soul but she tends to experiment more and mix it with other genres ranging from rock to electronic.

“Time Zones” is a mellow indie rock song sprinkled with alt country elements that give it a unique and wholesome ambience. The song talks about the pain and difficulties in long distance relationships, “I literally grew up in multiple states across the US, so moving became the norm for me & along with that came saying goodbye to close friends & sometimes family. With every goodbye I made, I knew there was a chance those relationships would never be the same” said Keelah. A melodic guitar lick backed by a downbeat kick snare drum groove and piano chords starts off the song creating an emotional atmosphere. While creating enough space for Keelah’s soulful voice to take the spotlight as she sings poetic lyrics. In the first chorus a picking guitar is introduced in the background giving the song depth. “Time Zones” is a beautiful and cosy song that warmly hugs the listener while addressing a hurtful subject that many people can relate to.


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