George Zheng

Kailie Simpson is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in NYC and born in New Jersey. An artist of quality in each aspect of her songs, from her authentic and heartfelt lyrics, and bold attitude to the strong-spirited beats, harmonious music lines, and powerful voice. 

 “Question Everything” was the first single released this year reaching over 11K streams on Spotify followed by her latest single “Time Waits for No Man” which was released earlier this month and is already at 6.5K streams, resulting in about 300 monthly listeners and a dedicated fan base of over 5K followers on Instagram only. Her success doesn’t end there, she even has performed sold-out shows at Arlene’s Grocery, The Bowery Electric, Rockwood Music Hall, and other New York hotspots. This has grabbed the attention of her current producer, the renowned Ben Rice of Degraw Sound who worked with artists like Norah Jones, The Jezabels, and Daughter. 

“Time Waits for No Man” is about seizing the opportunity and living the moment, yes, it is a bit of a cliché this “Life is too short” line but the artist is trying to express her perspective that you don’t have to be young or old or at a certain age to do anything specific. She encourages the listeners to be grateful for “the Now” and enjoy it while it’s still there. The song opens with strong bass drumbeats giving it a powerful spirit in the first couple of seconds then the vocal line starts; a beautiful voice with a wide range, incredible skills, and vocal control. The drumline is interesting and subtle throughout the song, the guitar line plays beautiful melodies with striking harmonious chords, and an interesting bassline keeps it all intact, that all ends with a cut end keeping the listener hung and without a cadence. It’s a mix of rock ‘n’ roll, soul, and a bit of country style. The song is of wonderful quality in terms of sound, music, and vibe. 

Check out the artist’s Instagram account to keep track of her latest releases and upcoming performances, they are not to be missed!