Sam Corcoran

The latest single from Mancehster-based Indie Rock outfit Sleeping Together is a trip down 2000s memory lane, but the charm and catchiness of “Time To Reflect” come from more than just its nostalgic factor.

I’ll begin by saying how the band’s vocalist is extremely cool and shows both substance and style. It’s rare nowadays to find a vocalist that has a great timbre and uses it with a fantastic technique like this.

The track shows amazing melodic guitar work and powerful drums which serve the catchiness and replayability of the experience. When you hear the verses, these guys reminded me of the earlier more rock-ish days of Arctic Monkeys.

Then by the time we reach the chorus, more modern elements start showing themselves. The chorus made me want to sing along but also pumped with energy with how it managed to stay melodic yet funky- think of modern-era Fall Out Boy

The bassline and drum line which are pompous kept the song anthemic until we reach the very soft and dreamy bridge section, which is then followed by a badass guitar solo that extends into the final chorus. 

The arrangement leaves no dull moments, no fillers, and most importantly, no repetitiveness. This track is a perfect example of how to blend retro/bluesy sound with 2000s writing ideology to make one modern-sounding spectacle, and they ROCK at doing it.