I was lucky last year to about these guys last year, especially while checking their ‘Elf‘ which I was really amazed by the sounds and harmony. Time of Flight is the new single from the upcoming album which set to be released later this year. I really loved the sounds that have been used in this track and the diversity that music gives through a unique psychedelic journey. “One year and three trips around the Sun later, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe heard some weird, sci-fi sounds from plasma within the solar wind – and those sounds may answer unanswered questions about how the wind forms” – McDEAD explained. McDead is a musician and archaeologist from Colchester (UK) producing post-punk experimental rock and electronic music in Melbourne Australia, and Belgrade Serbia. A nomadic multi-instrumentalist with a PhD in Archaeology, McDead’s evocative neo-psychedelic work originated in the 1990’s post-punk shoegaze scene.

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Mena Ezzat