When you check Louis and The Shakes music, you will easily be a fan! Their upbeat tunes and energetic lines will give you the ultimate Eargasm! 

After the success of their latest summer catchy single, Trailblazer, they are hitting again with a  rockin’ tune, Time Has Come, which is set to be released on November 25 via Marquee Record.

I believe the most rockin’ factor here in this track is the mixing elements. It’s impressive indeed! I love how the band used all their previous experience to implement this rock hit. In fact, I love all elements over here, like the powerful vocals, energetic drum lines, tight bass line, and of course, the insane guitar riffing. The melody over here will stick out easily in your head! Yeah! And even you will start to sing along after the first minute. I love how these guys built the track on the guitar melody, to create an exceptional indie rock tune with admirable pop elements. 

Oh! You should check out the bridge of ‘Time Has Come,’ amazingly well made! I highly recommend you check out their Spotify and listen to some other hits like ‘On One,’ ‘Shoot to Kill,’ and of course, the iconic hit ‘Trailblazer.’