Zachary Luke single-handedly introduces a new definition of lo-fi music with his latest single release, the soulful, minimalist, and belted-out ‘Time And Place’

Manchester-based Zachary Luke is a singer and a songwriter who has a sound that could easily be dismissed as overly simplistic, raw, or unhinged, for the trained ear, there is a massive amount to absolutely adore about a man’s approach that’s so unashamedly honest that it could some people uncomfortable.

‘Time And Place’ consists of Zachary’s vocals, a little delay on top, a 4-on-the-floor bass and drum part, zero fat, and a rhythm track that starts acoustic then shifts to a swirly, chorused, electric one early on, and keeps on going… and there’s the overdriven lead overdubs, and let me explain to you exactly why it is those overdubs that elevate the song. with simplistic chord shapes, a vocal take that’s unfiltered, so honest Luke left in the out-of-tune minutiae for the effect, and an elementary rhythm part, there is an argument to be made that the man just is not “good enough” at this music thing. But then the ballsy, gutsy, and bluesy slide blues overdubbed licks arrive, and they are so impactfully placed and dripping with character that they just are just so full of charisma, making ‘Time And Place’ go from being a simplistic, basic piece of untreated, home recorded, light pop to become a simple, honest, and bold piece of major key blues from a man who, contrary to what first seems, knows all too well what he’s doing.