Country star Gary Pratt is getting many miles out of his Something Worth Remembering album with his fifth single release, Til Your Boots Are Dirty. A world-class album worthy of distribution to established fans and a perfect album to convert new fans to the genre, it is great we get another look into this dynamic album. I make a point of this as Til Your Boots Are Dirty is a testament to the feeling of being a true fan of Country, simply established with the resolution phrase in each cadence, “You’re not country till your boots are dirty.” This is delivered by a hard rocking shuffle contrasted with traditional country melodies and phrases. This is the appeal of Gary Pratt’s music as he is able to channel what made the country genre a legitimate form of music, yet offers a contemporary vibe to make each track so very enjoyable and challenging to new listeners. So Til Your Boots Are Dirty is a verse, chorus, rinse and repeat Country jam where Gary Pratt explores symbols and metaphors of being a true country boy/girl. From pickup trucks, to whiskey to hard work on the farm, your boots will get dirty being one with the country. I love this symbolism. The articulation of each phrase really helps with this theme as Gary Pratt knows how to drive a point home by either bringing his voice up an octave or lowering it to the lower baritone at the end of the cadence.

Til Your Boots Are Dirty consistently delivers the elements of a great Country song. It hits all the highs that keep the rhythmic appreciation of the genre so enjoyable. The production delivered a perfect blend of the Country twang to fill out the high end with the overtones ringing out crisp and clear while Til Your Boots Are Dirty also channels a deeply funky groove which helps keep the momentum and accentuates the swing of the main rhythm. Pay special attention to the main guitar melody as it circulates around lead and rhythmic lines. Til Your Boots Get Dirty has a hit single potential perfect for any country commercial radio playlist. The replayable nature of the song coupled with the main groove is ideal for radio, yet also great for live performances and country bars looking to maintain their identity of being a true country. A highly enjoyable song from a great album. When checking out Til Your Boots Are Dirty please check out the whole Something Worth Remembering album, you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by: Lee Callaghan | Evolution Music Press