Alex Seltzer

A sensational anthem of love for The Big Apple hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. Dallin Applebaum’s latest release is a gorgeous, grand, and poetic love story for the unlikeliest of recipients.

Dallin Applebaum is a singer/songwriter who’s drawn to the melodic, piano driven pop balladry that is radio-friendly, emotional, and sentimental, but the rich and powerful lyrical passages that dominate this offering is the most welcome twist on that tried and true formula.

Having been based in New York for years, Dallin Applebaum’s recollection of what life in New York is like for a budding artist is an honest, intimate, and vulnerable one. The Jazz clubs, the vibrant nightlife, the vigorously progressive and tolerant populace have always been things that drew me in, not to mention the vivid history of arts and culture that the city has. ‘Til Death Do Us Part gave me a first person perspective of where everything could go wrong in such a crowded neon-lit city. Applebaum’s similes and descriptions are at once elegant and expressive, while brutally simple and honest, at times feeling like a peek into the singer’s private life and past regrets. With a generous dash of cryptic messages that are open for interpretation, the lyrical experience of ‘Til Death Do Us Part has been a sensual one that managed to stir up emotions within me on multiple occasions. The music on which the lyrics are set is a gorgeously produced and simply arranged pop ballad. Piano-driven with cliche tear jerking chord changes, the words perfectly flow on top of the dynamic backdrop that features drowned piano chords at times, and rhythmic plucky guitars at others. The titular line is repeatedly sung on top of a stunning turnaround that features a prominent melody that’s sung and played on a piano and a swelling string section, adding massive weight to the words, specially when you know that Dallin has set out from New York and has been based in Nashville for the past few months, making this statement heartfelt and truly touching.

Dallin Applebaum is a brilliant singer, her songs are eloquent and simple and beautiful, and her lyrical prowess makes her songs things to anticipate and enjoy. ‘Til Death Do Us Part is a song that might touch many artists with its sincere topic and the alternate perspective it offers, it’s a class act.