Strawflower’s ‘Tiki Bar’ is a gorgeous display of everything that defines surf pop as an enduring phenomenon, a display of its warm and genial charms in the gentlest of ways, with bold brushstrokes of psychedelia to make it all better.

A duo from sunny Los Angeles, Strawflower specializes in a brand of melodic, guitar-driven pop rock that jangles with lively echo and inspired performances to bring to life lines that easily ignite nostalgia for music from the 50s. ‘Tiki Bar’, released in support of their debut album Greetings From the Stardust Motel, is an exquisite introduction to this band who is already receiving acclaim for their impeccably well-put-together tunes.

Driven by the aforementioned guitars, making use of a peppy echo, the guitar lines are all things from soft and melodic, to cool and charismatic. Simply some of the best guitars I’ve heard for a long time. The chord sequences are equally warm and familiar, making for a simple listen that flows as easily as honey. The deceptively simple mix works around the guitars that shift spectacularly between funky strums and bustling arpeggios, a simple but dynamic drum part, and intertwining vocal parts, resulting in a nuanced structure that is ever in motion.

‘Tiki Bar’ is a perfect teaser for Strawflower’s debut. A warm, beautifully penned piece of guitar-driven pop rock that sounds effortlessly timeless.