Dominic Wall

Artist Josh Long soothes our hearts like wrapping a bandaid over a bad scar with his new song ‘ Tidal wave’, a warm and honest track you need for a little bum of sun after a hurricane. Long released this indie rock song on the 20th of January, all the way from San Francisco. Josh is a self-taught singer, songwriter and guitarist who is influenced by artists like Eagles and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Long has been working hard to release singles that will reach his listeners, and creating music that is real, and it’s been ten years since his musical journey started. 

Warm, balmy and funny is typically how you’d describe this song although words don’t do it justice. It’s nostalgicness comes from the 70’s classic rocks clean, sharp yet groovy tunes of the electric guitar that will make way easily into your soul and trap you into the rhythm. The song talks about unrequited connections that leave you feeling like you’re not good enough or that there might be something wrong with you. The song perfectly imitates the feelings with the music apart from the lyrical aspect. You’ve got a moody beat with an undertone of sadness and emotive vocals packaged in a nonchalant manner. The overall sound of the song is funky and chill. The musical arrangements are rich with a lot of acoustic guitars, a groovy bass line, fun backing vocals and clapping sound effects. The vocals are soft and a little bit drenched in pain yet you will find peace and comfort because of how radiant this song actually is. Josh Long’s taste continues to inspire us to look deeper into our emotions.