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One of the most liberating and peaceful feelings is when one is finally free from traumatizing events and feels themselves again, and as the cloud passes, they feel the warmth of love. The UK-based artist, Beth Sarah, conveys this freedom and affectionate taste in her single, “Thunderstorm.”

“Thunderstorm” is part of the upcoming album “Let Her Go,” which will be released in February. The singer-songwriter Beth Sarah, along with her band members—James Howard on keys, Dom Pallat on bass, and Dom Myers on drums—offers us a sentimental rock/pop take that gets to capture what a healed, loved person sounds like.

The single is filled with life from all of its spirited elements, but Beth Sarah’s vocals are the absolute charm! Her voice sends one into a heavenly land where nothing but positive emotions can exist. The skilled artist surely puts her heart and soul into both her songwriting and performing. Her rich vocal line reaches the heart’s core, pats on its wounds, and refreshes its beats.

The instrumentation follows the same dynamic maneuver as Beth’s vocals, which carry pure delight into each note and sound like they are grinning ear-to-ear. It starts out with levelheaded keys that create a serene ambiance, but soon it is joined by ecstatic acoustic guitar and bouncy drumming to provide vitality alongside serenity.

The lyrical theme depicts the coziest type of love, when the troubled partner’s gloomy storm fades away and they begin to mash with their beloved to make one colorful picture of a cheery, calming sky.

With a nostalgic flare, an appealing chorus, a lusty rocky execution, and a passionate performance, “Thunderstorm” is the kind of song that can take your severest storm and make you soar in a clear sky.