Before reading about ‘Under Neptune’, I pressed play on this song while working, the next thing I know, the song was repeated multiple times and I lost track of how many, as I got lost in it so much. The first thing that came to mind was, who’s this amazing band? So, I started reading, and to my surprise, it was a one-man-band. 

Daniel Monteiro, originally from Brazil and currently in Canada is an extremely talented musician who created the Under Neptune music project to share his passion and love for music with the world. He’s mainly influenced by Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Foo Fighters, Oasis, and The Beatles, which highly shows in his music. ‘Throw it all away’ is the 5th single released from his upcoming EP, each song released is more interesting than the one before it. His aesthetic and vibe are unique and hard to miss than it takes you back to the 80s rock era of music. Daniel is a songwriter and producer essentially but, in this song, he played the guitars, bass, and piano, along with the backing vocals as well as producing and songwriting. The song starts with a short but significant piano chord moving to a powerful guitar line and then taking it all down, leaving the spotlight for the vocal line. Daniel invited Felipe SM Wolfe for the 2nd time to sing the vocal line, while Jordon McQueen performed the drums. The song is about overcoming depression and finding the light amidst the darkness.