The Swedish rock band Northern Trails has a strategy to launch four singles this spring. The selection of “Through The Grain” is truly remarkable. Let’s explore the reasons why below.

It’s not often that I experience the sensation of being transported to a mountaintop while listening to a track, envisioning myself donning headphones and enjoying a fantastic classic rock song infused with delightful Americana and pop influences. I’m truly impressed by how this Swedish quintet managed to combine the essence of rock, pop, and Americana to create such a remarkable masterpiece.

I was truly fascinated by their work process and their dedication to preserving the essence of their live performances in their recordings. It’s truly iconic. This brings to mind many acts from the golden era of the ’70s and ’80s: “Northern Trails is a band that puts on great live shows and always records the foundation of their songs live – usually with limited gear in someone’s home or in the rehearsal space. Nevertheless, they produce great sounding records much thanks to the band’s multi-talented singer and songwriter Thomas Isberg, who also produces and mixes the tracks.”

I resonate with the lyrical essence of “Through the Grain” by Northern Trails, which pays homage to moments of clarity following challenges or sudden revelations, such as when experiencing something new or savouring a glass of beer. To capture this clarity, they infused a remarkable guitar solo reminiscent of the timeless spirit of classic rock that is often absent in modern music.

Recently, I’ve noticed a rise in acts that fuse pop and Americana on a rock foundation. Northern Trails has excelled in this genre and is recognized as the best in this style. Sweden has produced numerous influential rock/metal acts, and I predict that Northern Trails will soon be among them. Cheers!