Throne Of Carnage is a new Egyptian Melodic Death Metal band formed by Youssef El Qushairy. The band has released 3 tracks this year; ‘March To The Gates’, ‘Traitors’ and ‘The Hell Above, The Heaven Below’. They are still working on their first album. However, we will tell you more about the tracks and introduce to this rising project.

‘March To The Gates’, is a 1.16 minute long track with an epic musical colors and symphonic taste with sounds of choirs, the track moves you to atmosphere of an epic war. Comes next is ‘Traitors’, it’s a 5 minutes long track. It is really powerful, however, full of hatred and evil and carries many movements to reflect all phases of betrayal. It actually reflects the name perfectly. ‘The Hell Above, The Heaven Below’, it explains with great way the difference between the good side and the evil side in humans. The riffs were mixed as colors moving from white and black, moving from blue to red. Through 3:30, you will have an active journey through the souls of the human being.

The tracks carry strong attractive melodies, high harmony between instruments, catchy drum lines and evil guitars tunes. I think the Egyptian Metal Scene will meet a nice wave of new Melodic Death Metal bands after the strong creative Finis Omnium release and the impressive work of Throne Of Carnage in addition to the great existing work of Al Azif and Veritatem Solam, so what will the upcoming Throne Of Carnage album carry? We’ll have to wait to know soon.

Written by: Rana Atef
Edited by: NJ Bakr