Electrifying riffs, insane drumming, dominating, powerful vocals, and a relatable theme that expresses frustration are all in the hard-hitting banger “Those Days” by the rising band Doll Riot, which is a gem for every Punk Rock addict out there.

Doll Riot is a four-piece band from Northern San Diego that offers an authentic Rock/Punk explosion sound with a fine touch of 90s Rock, gathering old-school fabrics with a stylish, contemporary flow to present addictive, everlasting pieces. The quartet is London (bass), Ella (guitar), Lillee (drums/vocals), and Elaine (lead vocals), and as it’s shown in their number, “Those Days,” they perform fiercely and have a special bond that makes the output profound and soul-piercing. And that’s why they’re active in live performing; they’ve played almost fifty shows, and there are four upcoming shows, including an appearance at the always popular Punk Rock Bowling festival in Las Vegas on May 26th.

“Those Days” seamlessly hooks one from intro to outro. Everything about it is well thought out and delivers the in-your-face Punk sound at its finest, giving it depth with the grungy timbre and nostalgic flavor. The instrumentation sounds wild and madly infectious, and the catchy chorus will just stick in your head and refuse to leave. It’s an overall satisfying musicality, with the feisty riffs conjuring fire from nil and the dynamic drumming fuelling it to the max.

What ties the rebellious theme and its portrayal of teenage drama with the full-power sonic rhapsody is the exceptional vocals that sound angry, melancholic, and zealous all at once. The lead singer, Elaine, has a gritty vocal line that is wrapped in an intoxicating tone and an attitude that makes her stand out.

Some days are overwhelming; however, those days could pass with a better taste with Doll Riot’s “Those Days” ready to be played. This is the kind of overwhelm that everyone needs.