Last week, Thorvald released a new track from their First album Blood Eagle. The band recently has announced through their Facebook page that they will change their music style from Viking Death Metal to Heavy/Power Metal without changing their Viking Taste after the joining of its new vocalist Seif.

Let’s get starting on this track! I enjoyed the way it started; the powerful melodic tunes of guitars steals the attraction of your ears to listen to the story; the instrumental intro is about 45 seconds. The riffs are highly organized as pages of a long legend from the Vikings land. The instrumental parts between the verses are as interludes between each stage from the plot. The performance of Thorvald‘s new guitarist Seif is excellent, he controls his vocals in a good way as he gives the impression that he controls the whole riffs, moreover, he narrates the story with different cleans.


From 4:28, there is a duel between the guitars and clear bass lines. An effective instrumental interlude shapes the legend with melodies not just words. Do you know what we call this? We call it the Climax. The melodies move from calm to harshness, especially the drums till the fall which is reflected with 1 second of silence. Next thing you know, the riffs are as powerful as they started in the beginning of the track with a scream. It is also worth mentioning that the lyrics are perfectly written. Final note about the track is the quality: the quality of the track is good, however I believe that the vocals are sometimes too high and the parts which contain more than one voice needed to be more accurate.

To sum up the review, more Heavy Metal with Viking Style is on its way to the Egyptian music scene. Thorvald manages to give the scene the blessings of Amon Amarth! Let me tell ya, I was worried after hearing the news of Thorvald changing their genre but they managed to deliver on the spot. I’d definitely give them 9.5/10.

Support your vikings…Support The Egyptian Vikings.

“Kneel down to the gods of old and chant for the fallen ones, they are hailed.

Live and die by the sword and your might forever lives on”

Edited by: NJ Bakr